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tv   New Day  CNN  July 17, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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of ramadan. officials are investigating the possible motive. >> we don't have anything that ties him to an international terrorist organization. >> targeting military personnel, he headed toward chat noo's military recruitment center driving by and shooting out the window. >> one shot and then endless shots, one after another, unloading. >> reporter: then the gunman headed seven miles away to a navy operational support center where he rammed into the front gate. it wauz harrowing gunfight since abdulzeez had so much ammunition. another source says he was strapped with several weapons including an ak-47 style gun and packed magazines. he killed four marines and wounded three others before police shot and killed him. >> our nation mourns the loss the senseless loss of four of our nation's heroes. >> reporter: asking her face be blurred for safety an
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unidentified relative of the gunman tells kprc the family can't process what happened. abdulzeez is described as a devoted muslim and trained mixed martial artist. you can see him fighting in a video from 2009. >> he shook my hand smiling courteous, never raised his voice. >> a former mma coach saw it a month ago. abdulzeez recently traveled to jordan or yemen for a period of time supposedly teaching children wrestling. >> i asked his dad, he said he moved back home. >> reporter: his high school photo surfaces along with a quote, laiden with the heavyweight of his actions. my name cause zs national security alerts. what does yours do? that yearbook quote taking six years ago, his friends say he
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was a jokester and likely just joking. chris, obviously a morbid joke in light of what happened yesterday. >> absolutely. the next part of the story is terrorism task force as well as the fbi. for more on what authorities know about his travels and on loan posts, pamela brown is joining us for that. what do we know? >> this is being investigated. the motive is a mystery. we are told through sources, at the time of the shooting the gunman didn't utter an outward manifestation he was working with a terrorist organization. this investigation is treated as terrorism, at this stage, as they try to learn more about 24-year-old abdulzeez. he was a graduate of the university of tennessee at chattanooga, engineering degree graduated in 2012. he was not on the fbi radar as far as we know.
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he was not an suspected terror data bases. the only run-in with the law we are aware of is arrested in april for a dui. he was born in kuwait. a friend, a wrestling coach of him told us in the past couple years, he traveled to the middle east. he either went to yemen or jordan where he was a citizen of. we are also learning that from his yearbook as boris sanchez talked about, this quote saying my name causes national security alerts what does yours do? he started a blog in the days before the shooting. this is about his muslim faith and religious teachings. here is one quote. don't be fooled by your deskrirs life is short and bitter. the opportunities to submit to allah may pass you by. do not let other prisoners,
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so-called scholars or family members overt you from the truth. there's nothing indicating violence or anything like that. we learned that through family interviews through interviews with friends, that even though he was a devout muslim there was nothing indicating he was radical. recently he began going to the mosque more and grew a beard in the last couple months. nothing indicating he supported terrorist groups. that is key in this investigation. authorities are looking through his laptop and information found at his home talking to anyone who may have known him, trying to piece this together. it's very much a mystery. back to you. >> it is a mystery. that's what's so challenging to connect the dots. thank you for that. >> security stepped up at some facilities. officials released little about the four marines killed. we know the identity of one of the victims. joe is live in washington with
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more. joe? >> reporter: that's right, alisyn four u.s. marines killed in two attacks. one of those individuals publicly identified. he is marine gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan he's 40 years old. there are reports he has worked in the past as a marine recruiter. the names of the three other marines killed in chat noo have yet to be released publicly. we also don't know the name of the individuals who survived. the department of homeland security said it is enhancing the security at certain installations. the president expressing condolences of the federal government to the victims and their families. listen. >> it is a heart breaking circumstance for these individuals who served our country with great valor to be
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killed in this fashion. i speak for the american people and expressing our deepest condolences. >> reporter: the case continuing to be treated as an act of terror until terrorism is ruled out. chris? >> joe, thank you very much. we have a congressman with us. congresswoman, sorry you have to be here on this day with what's going on. what is your initial reaction for the people in your district and what needs to happen? >> yes, well i think for all in tennessee, everyone was shocked. then there's the dismay and the fear that comes with it. you know, here was this attack in a normal regular city on a summer day and you have someone that goes into this military recruiting center the armed services recruiting center and opens fire. and the investigators are doing
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a great job. i tell you, the mayor and governor have both done a good job with this. i think talking to friends in tennessee, what surprised people was how quickly it was, the fbi taking charge. it was a federal investigation. it's as if they knew from the start. >> given what the killer had and the ammunition this could have been much worse. it was bad enough as it is. >> yes. >> two recruitment centers taken on. what matters to you in terms of how you move forward here? >> one of the things all of us in congress are going to look at is the national security if you will. people are very concerned about homeland security. they are concerned about what is happening on the security front in the world, whether it's the iran deal dealing with isis dealing with radical islamic extremists. they want to know in their homes, their communities, they
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are going to be safe their children are going to be safe. that will move to the forefront, i think, as we move through the balance of this session. >> what do you tell them about a guy like this? he's not on anybody's radar. who knows who the authorities know. they move quickly. you will know before we do. how do you protect against the threat that comes out of almost nowhere? >> one of the things we have to be aware of is citizen participation and individuals who see something or hear something working with law enforcement and not dismissing it. when you look at the fact that attacks are occurring around the country and making certain that we realize that not everyone works in a by themselves. there is a networking and cells and sleeper cells around the globe. there needs to be attention put to that. there needs to be the ability,
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also for our intelligence community to share information, whether it's military intelligence or -- >> it brings up an important issue. we had this debate a lot in congress where you pushed back how much the intel community can reach into people's lives without heavy justification. do you think this peng lum may swing back the other way? >> what you will see is looking at what is public information, posted in the public domain and also looking at privacy and allowing people to protect their private right and have the ability to protect their virtual you. >> tricky balance. >> it is a tricky balance, but one we in congress on the issue of privacy and security data are going to have to revisit. >> the reason the men and woman weren't armed is that's the tradition, the policy. >> that's correct. >> do you think this alerted us
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to a soft target situation and that has to be addressed whether they can be armed as armed services? >> that is going to be a question for the command team at the pentagon. i'm certain the joint chiefs will have something to say about that. possibly even considerations they are going to make about it. in this day and age, when you look at the fact that there are radical extremists if you will that choose to go after what are the iconic symbols of our society, then you have to revisit some of these issues and have a discussion about it. >> no question what's happening in tennessee is the priority right now. i know part of the reason you are here is you think it's important people know that you want what's going on at planned parenthood investigated. >> yes. >> already, you know more than the video that was selectively edited circling around the
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internet. what is your concern? >> the concern in the hours of video that exist is the way planned parenthood participated in the selling of the tissue and body parts. the video is abhorrent. >> do you believe the video or do you believe it's edited to look that way? >> tles plenty of video and commentary that is there. our energy and commerce committee which has oversight and handles health care is going to conduct an investigation judiciary committee is going to have investigation. we will let the committees do their work and if we need to issue subpoenas, we will issue subpoenas. >> is the balance of not letting thome know how they feel about rights -- they have been doing this since the '30s, selling fetal tissue for medical
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research. i say selling, but they say they don't make profits on it. the numbers were about transplant costs and made to look like they were selling and making money. people don't like reproduction or abortion but you don't want to paint planned parenthood the wrong way. >> look at the title x funding. planned parenthood has become not the organization focused on healthy family planning necessarily, but they are the largest abortion provider. overwhelmingly overwhelmingly the american people do not want taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortion. >> that's going to be an entry while balancing whether or not the facts of the ground of what happened on the investigation. >> right, the investigation will lead us to the conclusions and
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we will start that probably as we come back in september. >> we will follow that story closely. >> absolutely. >> the priority for what happened in tennessee. thank you for that. in a few minutes, the governor and the mayor, they have done a great job in tennessee. we have them both on the show. the governor is coming up then the mayor, andy berke. alisyn? >> another masked shooter brought to justice. colorado movie theater gunman james holmes was convicted on all 165 counts against him. now, a jury must decide if he gets life without parole or the death sentence. he killed 12 and wounded 70 others. we are live in centennial colorado for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, alisyn. after 11 1/2 weeks of testimony and 250 plus witnesses, thousands of pieces of evidence,
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now the verdict. guilty on all charges, prompting tears and hugs. this was the verdict they have been waiting to hear for years. >> we the jury find the defendant, james egan holmes guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: the reading of the verdict lasting more than an hour on thursday. >> count 20 count 78 count 165. >> reporter: james holmes sealed his fate three years ago when he massacred a crowded theater in colorado. it was a swift decision on the jury's part take 12g hours to deliberate finding the 27-year-old guilty on all 165 charges. >> this isn't about a thing that indiscriminately kills, if he was let out would kill again. thank god the jury saw that. it's about these people all the people hurt.
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>> reporter: staring stone falsed holmes had no reaction. >> it's good. it's closure. it's finally over. justice for john and maybe i can start making sure to put it behind us. >> reporter: for victim's loved ones the defense did not buy the insanity strategy. >> we are happy this animal this monster will never see the light of day. >> reporter: it was key evidence like the booby trapped apartment that convinced the jury. >> did you have any doubt you killed a lot of people? >> no. >> reporter: now the same jury must decide holmes sense tense. >> will it ever be over? it's hard to say. some people move forward. at the same time we will never forget what happened in the wee hours of july 20th in the hands of the shooter. that's the painful part. >> reporter: up next the trial moves into a sentencing phase,
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like a minitrial, expected to last about a month. the same jury nine women and three men decide whether he should spend the rest of his life locked up or put to death. chris? >> thank you very much. new details about former president george h.w. bush's recovery. the break will heal on its own. recovery could take three to four months. bush is in great shape and good spirits. chilling video of russian rebels ransacking the luggage of those killed on the doomed malaysian airline, mh-17. you can see them at the crash site. they are rifling through victim's belongings. the aircraft was shot down one year ago today. russia denies their forces shot down the aircraft. >> we were there in the moments
4:17 am
right afterwards. phil black was there before anybody else. it was horrible. the dignity of the dead was ignored. >> now, you can see the evidence of it. chris christie on the record and on the offensive. >> that's what he did is just sickening. >> who is he talking about? find out in my one-on-one interview. >> will you tell me on the break? >> no. y with you forever. ♪ especially if you don't leave. ♪ you got it booking right. booking.yeah
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welcome back to "new day." more now of my one-on-one interview with chris christie.
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we talked about his ideas to stop illegal immigration. we started with the historic visit of president obama to a federal prison. that is a subject high on governor christie's agenda. listen. this is the first time in history a u.s. president visited a federal penitentiary to visit. you just finished a speech about criminal justice reform. why has this suddenly bubbled to the surface? >> this is something i have been working on since i became governor. i learned these things as u.s. attorney and chief federal prosecutor. there are things that need to be changed. what do you think is the biggest problem with the justice system? >> unfair treatment of people. we need to keep violent folks behind bars. nonviolent offenders, drug offenders we are warehousing in prisons makes no sense and less
4:22 am
productive. it doesn't deal with the root of a problem. >> what would you do? you would no longer have prison sentences for people found with possession of drugs who were users. >> first time offenders, in that regard send to treatment. i would nationalize the drug court system. we have a great system here in new jersey. you heard in the speech the results and production. the results it provided for the state, our prison population is down 31% in new jersey. for those who went through the drug court, the resit rate is 12% of the federal level. they are real results that are not only good for individuals and their families but good for society and the taxpayers. >> let's talk about immigration. it's been a hot topic in terms of illegal immigration. let's be specific about this. everybody talks about they want immigration reform. specifically with the 11
4:23 am
million, 12 million undocumented immigrants who are here today, what would you do with them? >> we didn't do anything until we fix the problem getting everybody in trouble with to begin with. we have to fix the border situation. i believe the most effective way to deal with the border situation along with border patrol is use e-verify in the country. folks come to the country illegally because they want to work. we have to penalize employers who hire people here illegally. we need to make bigger fines. >> that's where you would start with the 12 million here today, penalize their employers and would you have any pathway to citizenship for the 12 million working here? >> to tell you the truth, we have a number of undocumented immigrants here in new jersey many whom i have met. none of them said the reason i have come here to vote.
4:24 am
they came to work. let's deal with the work situation first, then deal with everything else. i think when secretary clinton talks about path for citizenship for people here illegal, she's pandserring. >> in 2010 you said as a former united states attorney i had to deal with these issues. we didn't have the resources to deal with them effectively. the president and congress have to step up to the plate, secure borders and put together a common path of citizenship for the people. >> first of all, yes, i agree with everything i said. we don't have the resources from a law enforcement perspective to deport those folks, not in those numbers. let me finish. secondly we have to have congress and the president come together to come up with a common sense way to deal with it. the president's done it by executive order, not brought folks together. after watching and operating it's been five and a half years.
4:25 am
it's not what folks care about. they care about the ability to work. that's what we need to deal with. we haven't dealt with it well. quite frankly, they are been exploited by employers paying lower wages to make a greater profit. they need to be penalized to stop the flow from wherever they are coming from south of the border or whatever. there's no special way to get citizen zip than any other foreigner. >> people are talking about bill cosby. as a former prosecutor the u.s. attorney as seven years, you know there have been more than 25 women who have come forward to say bill cosby sexually assaulted or raped them. do you believe he should be prosecuted? >> if he did it he should be prosecuted if the law alaws that. that's something the legislature
4:26 am
has to deal with if they want to change that. focus on what's important here. the conduct. the conduct is reprehensible. he's admitted under oath he engaged in this conduct, it's reprehensible conduct. as the father of two daughters, it makes me sick. you don't want to change laws to deal with one circumstance. but, the fact is if the law permits prosecution, he should be prosecuted. if he doesn't, examine the laws on a going forward basis. the fact is the thing i focus on the most as a father is just how incomprehensible it is to me. if what's alleged is what he did. someone in the position of authority and influence and esteem in this country. you know i watched "the cosby show." >> who didn't. >> the fact he engaged in that if that's what he did, is sickening.
4:27 am
>> we covered a lot of topics. it was interesting to hear what he said about immigration. he believes the problem is the employers and if you penalize them it will solve the problem and immigrants he thinks are not coming here for citizenship. he was ignoreing the idea people come here to put down roots. >> it's complicated. why do you want to work? to take care of your family. where do you want your family to be with you. that's putting down roots. the question of going after employers, that's a great idea. why isn't it done? why hasn't it been done? that goes to the ugly circle of politics and why money wins. >> that's where he would start if he were elected president. >> the candidates he's one of them. five of them including mr. christie were stumping in new hampshire thursday. all the campaign news.
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out is time to get inside politics with mr. john king. happy friday my brother. tgif my friend. we are going to pick up where you left off, the interview with chris christie trying to get traction in the republican race. jackie is here with the daily beast, robert with "the washington post." we are at a rare moment. the last six and a half years, bomb may said apple pie is good the republicans feel compelled to say, no it isn't. if the republicans say, good morning, it's a beautiful day, the democrats say, no it isn't. yet, the criminal justice reform there's a consensus. we have people in for long sentences. the president, for the first time a sitting united states president goes into a federal prison. why is there consensus on this now? it's not just the republican presidential candidates and the president of the united states. people are talking across the
4:33 am
spectrum including the house speaker. the guy that criticizes president obama every day, he says house republicans have their own package. let's get to it. >> we have a lot of people in prison that, frankly, in my view don't need to be there. some of these people are in there, they are what i'll call flimsy reasons. i think it's time to review the process they have and i'm looking forward to putting those recommendations on the floor. >> it's a big, important issue for the country to deal with. given what we have been through, a rare moment of bipartisanship. >> i think when you get down to it boehner said it there, it's expensive. in part because of mandatory minimum sentences. based on the amount of the substance found on the person. if there are a lot of people in prison that shouldn't be there. you have seen them.
4:34 am
this is happening in the senate for a while. the organization of lawmakers is interesting. it's like rand paul corey booker mike lee. >> tea party guys. >> yeah. >> tea party guys liberals. they get there for different reasons. conservatives say it costs too much. no matter how they get there, looks like they are going to do something about it. >> it does. the politics of it for the republican party, they are fascinating. look at governor christie and speaker boehner, they are against the legalization of marijuana. they want to be a law and order party, but they know the electorate is changing and they want to appeal to minority groups who are imprisoned. they want to appeal to minorities. it's good politics. they don't change their position on policy but show a compassionate side. >> in the interview alisyn did,
4:35 am
governor christie says when hillary clinton says we need a path to citizenship as soon as possible governor christie says she's pandering to latino voters. he says there should be legalization. alisyn reminded him he was for it. why is it pandering now? >> because he's running for president. >> thank you. >> exactly. you have seen jeb bush do the same thing. it's not politically feasible for republican candidates to be for pathway for citizenship right now. it's cut and dry. >> they have a difference of opinion. he was, forgive me for going back but he was for it before he was against it. >> the specifics of immigration through the republican contenders it's a very important debate. the one that is consuming the gop is donald trump.
4:36 am
his tone on immigration is defining the party. it is the summer a year before but if that doesn't change it's a problem. >> to get attention in the republican race a year ago, rand paul was so aggressive out of the gates. now, you go after mr. trump. rick perry did that yesterday. he had a border state, of course. listen to this statement. what he's offering is not conservative it's trumpism demagoguery and nonsense. america doesn't need another president that pays lip service. mr. trump has done nothing to prove he is the president we need. he comes back on twitter. he didn't say you are wrong and debate the policy. this is a trump reflex. governor perry failed on the border. he should be forced to take an i.q. test before taking the
4:37 am
debate. if you disagree with trump, you are not just wrong, you are stupid. >> what i have noticed more than anything he's a combative politician. he relics the fight. if perry goes at him, trump goes back. it feeds his campaign. he's looking forward to the debates because he wants to tangle. >> the polls show him leading nationally. he's in the mix. a ceiling in the mid-teens. donald trump is a huge player right now. this is interesting. jeb bush the former governor of florida, running for the nomination. he knows a bit about the white house. he was asked yesterday, what nice thing might you say about president obama? >> well if i could speak like barack obama, if i could light up a room like he does charisma is not a bad thing. pretty effective tool to be able to take a message to a broader
4:38 am
audience and he is gifted beyond belief in that regard. to be elected and re-elected in the turbulent times we are in that's something, trust me. >> it's true. >> you have to wonder if that's going to end up in an ad? >> it's true. president obama is a gifted communique tor. the run and win twice is a hard thing to do. is that going to end up like charlie crist chris christie being nice to president obama. >> he doesn't excite the gop. he knows that. he wishes he could excite the base more. >> kudos, when you get a presidential candidate across from you, tough be ready. >> thanks so much john. high praise from the king of interviews. thanks so much. i appreciate that. make sure to watch john king break down the best news of the
4:39 am
week. that's every sunday at 8:30 a.m. eastern. well this morning, a great city with a broken heart. tennessee governor praising the people of chattanooga in the wake of the deadly shooting rampage. we will speak with the governor about the investigation and how to help the city heal. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost® 100 calories.
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investigators are trying to figure out what prompted a man to attack two military centers in chattanooga. the fbi is looking into possible connections. joining us to discuss tennessee governor, bill. we want to talk to you about the investigation. first, what can you tell us about those hurt and lost in this horrible event? we know one of them was a marine named thomas j. sullivan. he had a purple heart, two tours and dedicated his adult life to service. >> i can tell you, all of them were people that served our
4:44 am
country with distinction. they will release the other names in their time. in terms of specifics, i don't have anything else for you there. i do know each of these -- each of these men who lost their lives served incredibly well. we are heartbroken this would happen and particularly in chattanooga. >> have you had the opportunity to reach out to the families? if so can you pass along ways to help support whatever they need? >> we will do that. the state has been -- offers have flooded in from all over to help the families. the sense of sorrow is deep around here in terms of what happened. this is a great city whose heart is broken right now. >> not a place you expect this to happen. what does it do in terms of your
4:45 am
task of healing and your task of what to do moving forward? >> well i think the encouraging thing about the city is in terms of healing is the people are already coming together. you saw it happen with groups, whether worship groups or others coming together. how can we help? what can we do to make a difference given the horrible set of circumstances in front of us? >> what are you hearing from authorities from what they know so far? >> i have been impressed with the fbi, the amount of resources they brought in to check every potential piece of information they may have. their special agent in charge assured me they will do what they can to chase down the lead. i was in a meeting last night and impressed with the detail level they have already dug into. >> in terms of likelihoods, is
4:46 am
this about you having a sleeper cell there or targeting this individual and what may have poisoned his mind? >> honestly i don't think that they know that answer yet. they are committed to do anything they can to try to figure that out. as a non-law enforcement person but involved as mayor, i have been impressed with their tactical approach to finding the answers to those questions. >> does this open your eyes in terms of what is a potential threat and what is potentially threatened in terms of what you may want to change? >> well i think the concerning thing here is this is somebody that wasn't on anybody's radar. there's no set of circumstances where people said okay we need to be particularly wary of this individual or this circumstance. i think that's maybe what's the most concerning to law
4:47 am
enforcement and to people in positions like mine. there was nothing that would predict this would have happened. >> because of the way it sets up on its face do you have any question this is a terror attack? >> you know it's just way too preliminary for me to be saying that. i think there's, again, i can't say enough about the way the fbi is approaching this. they are going to start with a commitment to digging in. they are going to make it without an assumption but a commitment to make the right answer. i think they will. >> sorry to press you for those details. i know you have the best authorities on this. but, please do keep us in mind in terms of how to get information out about the families and what they may need at this time. that should be the concern of the media and your community adds well i'm sure. >> we definitely will. this is a heartbroken community that wants to do whatever it can
4:48 am
to help the families. i appreciate your offer as well. >> have you heard from the president, yet? >> they have called to express their condolences. they have called other office as well as the chattanooga city mayor's office as well. >> we stand at the ready. thank you for joining us on "new day." >> thanks so much. alisyn? >> the president, admitting he could have ended up behind bars when he was a young man. what prompted him to make that statement? we'll discuss. your baby's chubby little hand latches onto your finger so hard it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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it is time for krrncnn money now. >> good morning. we have seeing stocks break new records. the nasdaq climbing to a fresh high yesterday, up 9% for the year. this morning we're seeing shares of google up 12%. the company announced it made $3.9 billion in profit for the
4:53 am
last quarter. how do you take your eggs? i'll take mine with a side of money. egg prices spiked 85% from may to june because of the bird flu outbreak. that's the biggest one-month jump in history. demand is expected to pick up in the fall while supply remains low. i will not turn away from my eggs though. no way. >> i don't buy it. >> no. use the money to buy the carton of eggs. >> you said i'll take them with a side of money. that doesn't mean you're going to eat it. tennessee, these were servicemen and women. why would he give into this kind of violence. what's going on there right now with the investigators? they're looking at his past. what are the clues there? we have a live report ahead.
4:54 am
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. we are treating this as an act of domestic terrorism. >> it was just endless shots, one after another, just
4:58 am
unloading. >> our nation mourns the senseless loss of four of our nation's heros. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> we're happy this monster will never see the light of day. >> the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash speaking out. >> there was a light and then it was all trees and then it was all fire. i was so positive i was going to die. >> presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail. >> the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger. >> i have a proven track record. people know that i will fight for them. >> i'll bring my heart and my mind to do my job that the people elect me to do. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, al sin camisyn camerota and
4:59 am
michaela pereira. the fbi is certainly launching a terrorism investigation and security is beefed up at several federal facilities after thursday's at track on those military sites in tennessee. we do know four marines lost their lives. three other people injured. and now the search for why begins. >> so the feddingss are looking into the background of the shooter and they're looking at two blog posts he may have written. what have you learned for us? >> reporter: good morning. officials are combing through every detail looking at any possibility he may be linked to an international terrorist organization or if he just acted independently. the most striking detail about this case he wasn't on a terror watch list. his friend say he was really an all american guy, someone who was an mma fighter, an
5:00 am
engineering student, someone who fit in and with a good sense of humor. not someone who had a clear motive to do something so extreme. >> as far as we know at this juncture there are no safety concerns for the general public. >> reporter: in a press conference the department of justice and the fbi reassuring the public they believe 24-year-old mohammad youssuf abdulazeez acted alone in his shooting rampage. abdulazeez carrying out the deadly attack on the final day of ramadan. >> at this point we don't have anything that directly ties him to an international terrorist organization. >> reporter: abdulazeez first headed towards the military recruitment center driving by and shooting out the window. >> it was one shot and then it was endless shots one after another, just unloading. >> reporter: then the again man headed seven miles


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